Travel to Latvia allowed

Opening the country

It is now legally allowed to visit Latvia as of 16 June 2021. Good news after the Latvian government imposed severe restrictions back in the autumn of 2020.

Riga city center aerial view
Photo by Ivars Utināns on Unsplash

With or without the vaccine

There are some essential differences allowed to persons being vaccinated or those who are not vaccinated against covid-19. In principle we can celebrate the decision of the responsible ministry to establish clear, transparent and fair principles. Especially for the persons not vaccinated also having their rights to travel. The significant differences in favor of vaccinated individuals has caused many protests in other matters that the government has decided to regulate. This shall not be the case for travel to Latvia!

Without a doubt. This is an important and good news to all the businesses operating in Latvia. Including us at We have been pushed into passive mode for almost the whole time since the government announced the extraordinary situation to fight the virus.

Key rules for travel to Latvia in 2021

First of all, rights to enter the territory of Latvia largely depends on the territory that you are coming from. Secondly, your formal vaccine status or the status having survived the virus (having the certificate in both cases) matters.

If you do not have the certificate, you have to be careful in terms of looking at the latest data. Also consider the departure country’s covid sickness rates.

In 2020 you looked at the red line being set at 15 cases per 100 thousand population. Until this day of June it was 50. Since the latest announcement of the new entry rules into Latvia, the number is more friendly to travel lovers.

75” is what we consider as a key measurement in order to determine your self-isolation requirement. is at your disposal for the professional legal services in all of your travel, private tourism, as well as tourism business matters.

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For any additional information or changes to travel conditions to Latvia it is advised to follow the latest updates on the site hosted by the government