Pricing for businesses

Friendly pricing for start-ups

Pricing for starting bussinesses

For the first general consulting session we offer hourly rate of EUR 50.

For local Latvia-based businesses outside of the Riga city and immediate Riga region individual special discounts are offered.

Our extensive experience allows us to give you price estimates so that you always can predict your legal expenses. Fixed scope works – fixed price, so that you can get value for money.

Standard legal services

General hourly rate for consultations in English is from EUR 110 per hour. For tasks in Latvian language EUR 100 per hour is offered.

Residence permits and visas starting from EUR 450 per person. Special discounts for families or groups of persons with same purpose of entry into Latvia.

Take off your business with special proposal for your specific needs

Request your price qute through email: or through WhatsApp + 371 26 213 987

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